Three Common Materials For a Garden Pond

Ponds have to be watertight and, within reason, no matter how you achieve this. Today you'll find three main options:
Prefabricated ponds
Rigid moulded liners created from vacuum-formed plastic will be the cheapest and they also usually feature built-in shelves. They are not too difficult to install, and plenty of people like them as the shape is predetermined, but you are fairly short¬lived. PVC-based and rubberized compounds can be obtained; they're slightly more costly, however are longer lasting. Moulded fibreglass pre-formed liners include the longest lasting of, but they are not really...

How Pumps for Your Pond Work

A pond pump circulates, filters, and oxygenates the stream in your pond. It is the heart in the pond which is responsible for keeping everything going. There are 3 main parts with the pump.

They are the impellor that spins and drives the river, water intake pipe along with the outlet pipe. The intake pipe is attached with filters which clean the stream before it enters the pump. It is the outlet pipe which moves the stream above the surface, with the waterfall and back into it. The water with your pond needs to be circulated once every hour.
Circulating and Oxygenating
In addition to pr...